Customer care

Customer Care

The customer is the most important thing for Axdata, and we do our best to take care of the investments you make with us. We therefore have a customer program, Axdata Customer Care, which ensures that you as a customer are always taken care of. Our customers' success is also our success.

Axdata Customer Care Agreement gives you the best customer service


Using business systems will cause errors and changes that can make the solution unreliable. Then you deserve to be well taken care of and someone wants to be extra closely followed up. The program Axdata Customer Care gives you dedicated resources to support you and we are at the forefront and reveal your need for support which minimizes the risk of the solution failing.


Axdata Customer Care is a customer program, handled by a separate team in Axdata, and is developed to ensure that your business experience more predictability, accessibility and that we quickly solve the challenges you have.

With a Customer Care agreement, you will receive a response time guarantee, closer follow-up, regular meetings and a more predictable price for the services.


Contact Customer Care by sending an e-mail to



Axdata Cusomer Care Agreement consists of three elements: The basic agreement which is mandatory, Proactive Services and Response Time Agreement. You choose the structure of the agreement that best suits your company:


Basic Customer Care:


The basic agreement establishes a solid and predictable structure in our relationship through monthly follow-ups, summarizing what has been done in the last month and making plans for the next month. This ensures a higher support quality and the solutions we deliver while you have full control of status and progress. The basic agreement is a fundamental contract for the cooperation and regulates all the merciless conditions in any other agreements. In addition, the agreement also includes several services for a fixed monthly fee:


• Semi-annual meetings with review of matters and planning for the next six months

• Access to Axdata Customer Care portal

• Mercantile follow-up of cases and progress

• Fixed monthly status update


Proactive Services:


Equipment, environment and operating conditions are subject to continuous influences and changes that can make the solutions unreliable. With a proactive service agreement, you maintain stability and performance in your mission-critical applications, ensuring that applications and data work together in the best way, and that infrastructure is optimized. From a selection of proactive services, the services that are most appropriate for your solution are picked. Below is a small selection of what you can get with a proactive service agreement:


• Consistency Check of Application and Data with Action Report

• Maintenance of SQL Database

• Quality control of backup and restore

• Assistance with the implementation of periodic routines

• Checking software and patch levels, as well as hotfixes and updates from Microsoft


Response Agreement:


For all businesses downtime or partial shutdown in a process is critical. Then it’s important to get quick help and qualified consultants who start solving the problem as quickly as possible. Axdata offers a guaranteed response time, where qualified consultants start solving the problem within response time. We guarantee:


• Response within agreed time (4, 8 or 16 hours)

• We begin troubleshooting within response time

• Dedicated consultants who are well qualified to solve the task


If this seems interesting and you would like to know more about the Axdata Customer Care agreement, please send an email to