Dynamics 365

Your market is increasingly competitive, with toughened competition and demands, high efficiency requirements and accurate data, it is crucial that you have a business system that manages challenges and follows developments in the market. Microsoft Dynamics 365 unites ERP, CRM and BI solutions in one and the same solution which simplifies and enhances your processes.

Make smarter decisions faster and based on the correct data

Businesses processes are the core of your business and Axdata has long and wide experience with Microsoft Dynamics AX, which has later evolved into Dynamics 365 – a solution in the sky.

Dynamics 365 unites ERP, CRM, Power BI, Office 365 and several other Microsoft solutions in one and the same solution. This simplifies and enhances the business ability to move all systems, processes and features into the cloud to get faster access to accurate data, greater flexibility, and easier upgrade processes.


With Microsoft Dynamics 365, you get a flexible solution that can easily customize your business system to your unique industry needs. Microsoft’s data model, Common Data Service, simplifies data management, while integrating data across business processes and solutions becomes smoother. With passion for business processes, our consultants continuously work on optimizing our customers processes to create value with the latest technology.

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Increase growth with Dynamics 365 value-added features

The market around ERP has changed drastically in recent years. The merger of multiple Microsoft solutions and lifted to the cloud has resulted in several benefits and expanded the opportunities.  Dynamics 365 gives you a familiar but modern experience of Dynamics AX with improved insight, intelligence and workflow. The cloud-based ERP system has features and capabilities that allow you to grow far faster than before. Data and insights are now transformed into intelligent action that allows you to compose, modify and expand real-time processes.

The result of moving the business system into the cloud? increased efficiency and reduced costs!

By moving systems, processes and functions into the cloud you will get the versatility and flexibility your business needs to grow. You will achieve a smoother operation where users can work in a more complete and simpler system, which increases productivity. Operation in the cloud makes it easier to make changes and upgrades without affecting business processes.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operations gives you access to current data and analysis on almost any screen, anywhere, so you can make smarter devisions faster. The solution gives you the opportunity to quickly change the business process so innovations quickly yield returns and the company moves away from its competitors. The company also has the flexibility to grow at an appropriate pace through the cloud’s flexibility, which enables scalable operations to meet market needs.


Complex does not mean complicated

Businesses need complex IT systems for their business processes, but it does not necessarily mean that the system needs to be complicated. Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a simple, efficient and user-friendly platform that helps business grow. Investment in Microsoft Dynamics 365 provides you with:

  • An overview of the organization
  • Industry-specific functionality
  • Financial management
  • Business Intelligence and reporting
  • Support for sales and marketing
  • Purchasing
  • Project and personnel management
  • A scalable solution


..and much more! Get an efficient, powerful and user-friendly business operation in the same system.


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