ERP for Engineering

Get an overview using ERP for engineering by controlling the characteristics of your products. The ERP-system Microsoft Dynamics AX handles all information about your products, so that sales, procurement, inventory, production, and service is under control.

Inadequate information about products from engineering may cause problems and lead to additional costs and work. To overcome potential problems is it essential with proper management of the information from the product development in engineering, and to the service department after the delivery.

Axdata specializes in ERP for engineering. Our consultants have extensive experience from several implementation projects in the field, and a goal to optimize our customers value chain. To reach this goal, we have an ongoing focus on competence, respect, and engagement at all stages of the implementation process.

Whether you buy finished goods and components for resale or produce your own products, the finished product has many parts that you need to control.


The business system Dynamics AX handles all information and processes related to the product development such as revisions of a product, all documents pertaining to the item, and gives valuable information about the products functionality.

  • Technical information about the product with CAD integration.
  • Detailed information about costs and sales prices
  • Information about suppliers
  • Documentation of environmentally harmful substances – Green Passport
  • The fabricates of the product
  • The subscription of the product
  • Guarantees
  • Handling of the individual product
  • TAG numbering


Business solutions

Axdata has developed several business solutions specifically suited engineering-oriented businesses. Axdata Engineering provides you with detailed information, so that you can take well-informed and beneficial decisions. Read more about our business solutions here.


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