ERP for Manufacturers

Whether you produce your own goods or purchase finished goods and semi-finished goods from sub-contractors, complex and unique processes very often follows. Therefore, it is important that you acquire a business system that can handle changes, adapt quickly to the market, and support all business processes. It is equally important to choose an ERP-partner that understands your business' needs and industry.

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Lack of information in the production process can easily lead to increased costs and an expensive outcome. Risk management have become an important term during the past years as it has shown how important it is to be prepared for changes in the market. Acquiring an ERP-system is a good tool to control your resources and keep up with the market.

Axdata is a proactive partner. We ensure that users of the ERP-system get the help they need, and we help you find the best business solutions suited your company.

Axdata delivers specialized ERP-solutions for manufacturing-oriented businesses. Our consultants have extensive experience from different manufacturing implementations and work hard to optimize our customers value chain. To reach this goal, we have an ongoing focus on competence, respect, and engagement at all stages of the implementation process.


The business system Microsoft Dynamics AX handles all types of manufacturing processes; order-driven manufacturing, batch production, process production, and kanban production. Dynamics AX makes it easy to control resources, raw materials, and inform you if it is necessary with adjustments.


We have developed several industry standard solutions for manufacturing-oriented businesses. Read more about our additional solutions and download our product sheets.


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