ERP for Project-oriented industry

Whether your company delivers products and services via projects, or you need to control development expenses of new products, then it is important to have an effective business solution that handles both supply chain and project accounting. Axdata can assist your business with selecting the right business solution.

Control your resources

Exceeded deadlines is often a result of lost control over resources and project costs. This can turn out to become an expensive affair. Therefore, it is crucial with a business solution that let you control your business resources, supply chain and project accounting.

Axdata specializes on ERP for project-oriented industry. Our consultants have extensive experience from several implementation projects from the field and work hard to optimize our customers value chain and minimize risks associated with projects.


To reach this goal, we have an ongoing focus on competence, respect, and engagement at all stages of the implementation process.

The powerful project module in Microsoft Dynamics AX has the functionality to handle supply chain management and project accounting.

The project-oriented industry solution covers Time- and material projects, Fixed price projects, Investment projects, Cost projects, Internal projects, and more.


Projects are visible globally in Dynamics AX, so that companies delivering projects via multiple legal entities can work according to the same plan, and reserve resources across entities.


Business solutions

We have developed several business solutions specifically suited project-oriented industry. Our additional standard solution Axdata Advanced Project provides enhanced functionality for managing the lifecycle of a project. Feel free to read more about the industry solution here.

We collaborate with Axtension to provide the best solutions for documentation (Axtension ECM) and invoice (Axtension IP) of your projects. Read more about the solutions here.


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