Microsoft partner of the year Norway - Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management & Finance


Acquiring a new ERP-system is an important strategic choice for any business. It is important to choose the right business solution, and it equally important to choose the right partner for the implementation and support. It comes down to passion for the field and valuable experience from your industry, which together makes it possible to optimize your business processes and creates value.

A company with solid experience and unique competence

An increasing number of customers have experienced the quality of Axdata’s business solutons, which has resulted in a strong growth during the last years, and today the company is located in numerous countries. With approximately 50 talented employees that every day use their passion for ERP and business solutions, we serve customers across borders and give our all to live up to our vision: Creating value for our customers – every day!


Our core values are respect, competence, engagement and loyalty.


Axdata is not only focused on having talented employees that deliver high expertise within technology, optimizing workflows and business development. We also care about making our customers feel well-taken care of, even after the solution is operational. In addition, we have a number of employees who stand out with excellent expertise and commitment to Microsoft technology, and who are in close dialogue with Microsoft R&D. This means that we help influence the further development of the solutions and have good insight on the way forward. As a result of this we can quickly stake out the right course for our customers in accordance with developments. We do not want to be big and impersonal, but aim to be a dedicated partner who focuses on you as a customer and we care about your everyday life and future.

Axdata - A history of passion for ERP and business solutions

The long history of Axdata starts a December day in Copenhagen in 1997. A group of innovative people with a strong passion for ERP came together and formed what has today grown to become to Axdata Group. Axdata got started when previous employees from Damgaard, which developed and delivered both Concorde XAL and Axapta, came together and established Axdata A/S and they immediately stated implementing ERP systems.

With a desire to help more companies gaining improved daily operations, the road continued with steady growth and the establishment of new departments, including several in Norway and Australia.

characterized by rapid development of products and markets, especially the digitalization that has taken place in recent years have been exciting, but we have always been focused on developing as a company and being at the forefront of the development with dedicated and professionally well-updated staff.

In 1998 the first implementation of ERP started, with the main-focus on the manufacturing industry, engineering and service – a focus that we still maintain today.

Our talented employees have developed industry-specific solutions that increase the value of your business solution, as well as we deliver quality solutions from our ISV partners.

With a long lead time and a strong focus on professional competence, we continue to develop and are today a competent and complete partner on ERP and cloud-based business solutions. Our employees themselves have extensive experience and expertise from the industry and we focus on helping you safely throughout the ERP implementation of Microsoft’s solutions.

More than 20 years of passion for business solutions

We have been on an exiting journey, with many great customers that have contributed to the development of Axdata as a company, as well as our well-functioning add-on solutions for Dynamics Ax. From a modest beginning with a few innovative people with a passion for ERP over 20 years ago, to the place we are today with locations in multiple countries and approximately 50 employees. During these 20 years the company has served up to 200 companies and over ten thousand users on both Concorde XAL, Dynamics AX and now Dynamics 365.

Many of the people that were a part of establishing Axdata, are still present in the company today, and we have many customers that has been on this journey with us from the start. We value this as a sign of quality.

The long history of Axdata in short:

Axdata A / S is established in Denmark with sales and consulting services to Concorde XAL and Axapta from Microsoft, primarily in manufacturing, logistics, project and service based on the standard solution and our own supplementary modules.
Provides manual writing for Axapta version 1.0, further development of modules and collaboration with subcontractors
Primarly serving Axdata customers and Axapta
Axdata AS is established in Norway, with employees and Axdata Denmark as owners
A new company is established in Norway, Axdata Sør AS, with employees and Axdata Denmark as owners
The two companies in Norway merge into one company with headquarters in Sandefjord, with the new name Axdata Norge AS
Accepted into the Microsoft Presidents Club
Receives the award for this year’s Dynamics partner from Microsoft in Norway
Appoints the same director for Norway and Denmark
New company established in Australia
Axdata starts a new company together with employees from Axdata, Skywlkr AS
Microsoft Norway Partner of the Year: Supply Chain Management & Finance

Since the start, it has been a fantastic journey. Now we look forward to continuing this journey of creating value for our customers – every day.

Our insight gives you the overview you need to optimize your business processes. Effective management in one and the same business system offers the opportunity to create value now and in the future.

Organization and management

Axdata is organized into 4 business units; Sales and Marketing, Operations, IP and HR & Administration. We are primarily concerned with recruiting the best expertise available in the market regardless of location, and are therefore spread across 3 countries with multiple Offices.


You are always welcome to contact us, if you have any questions regarding our services.