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Axdata offers you solutions beyond the standard functionality of Microsoft Dynamics 365 to increase the impact and adapt your business solution to your business operations. These are add-on solutions that enrich Dynamics 365 and give you the opportunity to increase value creation with the business system through more efficient processes. Together with our partners, we can offer a range of ISV solutions and integrations for the Dynamics 365 platform. We have also developed our own solutions that meet the needs of the market and are tailored to the industries in which we specialize. Our many years of experience with Dynamics 365 Finance Additional Solutions means that we can help you identify which solutions meet your business needs so you can get the most out of your business solution.

Axdata løsninger

Tailor-made Add-On Solutions for Dynamics 365 Finance

Axdata Solutions

Axdata ® Enhancement

Enhancement: Subscription management

It is easy to keep track of and manage the various subscription solutions for the services you provide or the products you rent out. The solution covers the vast majority of subscription variants, and with a simple setup you get a flexible and clear solution that keeps track of all customers and subscriptions.

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Axdata ® Currency import

keep your currency rates up to date

Currency import

Axdata currency import solution makes it possible, quickly and easily to import exchange rates from the Bank to Dynamics 365 Finance. The bank constantly maintains and updates the entire world’s exchange rates and our solution covers the most used currencies.

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Axdata ® Delivery overview

Delivery overview

Get an overview of open deliveries (purchasing, production, project and sales)

Timely deliveries in and out of the company are the key to better customer satisfaction, less inventory and improved liquidity. If there are delays, it is possible to see what it means and at the same time make the right decisions that minimize the consequences.


1 click and you can immediately see:

  • Which purchase orders have not been received?
  • Which production orders have not been completed and placed in stock?
  • Which production order lines have not been drawn from the warehouse?
  • Which sales orders have not been delivered?
  • Which projects need to pull items from the warehouse?

The solution provides a quick and easy overview of goods that have not been received and goods that have not been delivered. The screenshots make it easy to search, sort and create the overview you need.

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Axdata ® Engineering

Axdata’s engineering solution has been developed based on industry needs that are not covered by the standard solution and has been identified thanks to our long experience with engineering- and production companies. Axdata Engineering provides you with product information at a detailed level, so you can make well-informed decisions. In an industry where market needs and customer requirements are constantly changing, it is important to have a solution that streamlines change processes so that you can deliver the right product at the right time. Read more about Axdata Engineering.

Axdata ® Installation

Tracking of goods


The Axdata Installation solution allows you to track all items, down to the individual level, directly in Microsoft Dynamics. The module provides an accurate and detailed overview of the product’s location, installation and service history. Among other things, this simplifies the handling of spare parts, so you can optimize the company’s service offerings.

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Axdata ® Manufacturing extensions

Efficient & fast adaptability in production

The tool gives production planners a unique overview of production and helps with ongoing handling of orders, variation in production and changed conditions, thereby ensuring that
production is continuously organized efficiently and in accordance with the goals.

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Axdata ® Printing & Label extensions

Developed for Dynamics 365 and works on all types of products. Solutions are not tied to storage systems or other processes. In addition, the solution is so flexible that you can produce labels at any time in the process.

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Axdata ® Service Management

Customer service in focus

Service Management is not about technology. It is mostly about strengthening the customers’ experience of the company’s service level by optimizing the service processes from a-z.


Put customer service in system

With its expanded Service Management module, Axdata puts customer service into the system. The result is a more efficient use of employee time as well as better customer service. After several years of experience in Service Management, Axdata has developed an efficient service solution for Microsoft Dynamics AX. Axdata’s extended Service Management module has been developed in close dialogue with experienced users of the system as well as experienced service employees and is largely based on their feedback.

Please contact us to hear more about out Axdata Service Management Solution

Axdata ® Shipment cost

Actual Item Cost

Does the value of your goods reflect the actual cost?

With Axdata’s Shipment Cost, you have, among other things, the opportunity to quickly and easily see the real value of the inventory, have the opportunity to distribute costs for one or more purchase orders.

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Our employees are constantly looking for new opportunities to make your business easier and we have a strong focus on developing solutions that meet market needs that are not met by the standard solution in Dynamics 365. Axdata IP is our own developed solutions for Dynamics 365 and is a result of needs that we have discovered through experience from the various markets and at the same time adapted to the industries in which our customers operate. This allows us to offer perfect business solutions that create added value for you as a customer.


Get access for even more data

Integration Solutions

Axdata ® Dun & Bradstreet integration

Credit and market information

With Axdata’s Microsoft Dynamics integration solution for Bisnode, you can link your customer information with Bisnode’s credit and business information. You can integrate Credit Information, Credit Decisions, Monitoring Services directly into your Dynamics 365 Finance or Dynamics AX and at the same time conduct leads among more than DKK 265 million. companies around the world. In this way, business-critical information is gathered in one place. The result is that the company’s decision makers gain control, an optimal overview and an efficient business process.


Please read more about our Dun & Bradstreet integration

Axdata ® Compello integration

Invoice and Document handling

With an integration between Dynamics 365 and Compello, you get a cloud-based service for automated document and invoice management that is hassle-free and makes the internal processing and flow of documents safer, more efficient and user-friendly for those who work with this.

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Axdata ® Experian integration

Business data and credit information

With Axdata’s Microsoft Dynamics integration with Experian, you get access to the entire Nordic region. Users can search directly from a Microsoft Dynamics AX or Dynamics 365 R&D screen for business information (accounting and credit information, contact information, etc.) of more than 6 million. companies throughout the Nordic region at Experian.

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Axdata ® Promark Integration

Time collection / time registration

Axdata is a Business Partner at Mark Information. Our own application integrated with ProMark offer customers a complete solution with increased business benefits.

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Axdata ® SAF-T integration

Reporting to Norwegian and Portuguese tax authorities

#Axdata løsninger

Meet the authorities’ reporting requirements

Axdata has developed a SAF-T add on solution for all AX versions that Microsoft does not support.

We also help customers to implement hotfixes, advise and help set up ERP systems so that customers are ready to be able to provide the right data to the Norwegian tax authorities.

Please read more about our SAF-T Solution

Axdata ® SAP Concur Integration

Travel settlement

Smooth data integration between Dynamics AX / Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations and SAP Concur Travel gives you a secure and transparent real-time end-to-end solution.

Please read more about our SAP Concure Solution

Axdata ® Shipment Booking | Consignor & Unifaun

Axdata Shipment booking

If you work with booking transport, you know how time consuming and cumbersome it can be to get an overview of all the details, organize, order and follow up in real time. That is why we have developed Axdata Shipment Booking for you.

Please read more of our Axdata Shipment Booking Solution

Companies often have several complex business systems that support their day-to-day operations. Therefore, it is extremely important to have the technology in place that facilitates the systems to interact and make the workday easier. Good integrations help control the data flow between major systems like Microsoft Dynamics 365 to other solutions. In collaboration with various partners, Axdata has developed well-established integrations for most solutions to meet your needs in Dynamics 365. Using our integrations and partner solutions provides better data flow and simplifies the business processes in the company.

ISV løsninger

A few add-on packages from our partners

ISV Solutions

Axtension | Document handling

Document management and invoice scanning

Secure and structured management of your company’s documents and files can be crucial to your company’s results. AXtension has developed several additional solutions for Microsoft Dynamics 365 and AX that can be integrated in several industries. Axdata provides AXtension’s add-on solutions for document, project and invoice management.

Please read more our partner AXtension

Lessor | Salary system

Complete and integrated payroll system for Microsoft Dynamics ERP solutions

Lessor salary is flexible, very user-friendly and ensures that individual needs and conditions that apply to your company are solved within the standard model.

Please read more about our partner Lessor

Exflow from SignUp software | Electronic invoice management

Profitability rather than administration

With ExFlow, you get an electronic invoice management solution that can help save time. The solution is designed for Dynamics 365 and requires no integration.

Please read more our partner ExFlow

Tabellae | Digitization of business documents

Efficient output control

Tabellae AS is the Nordic region’s leading implementation expert within Lasernet Output Management. With LaserNet’s tight integration with Dynamics 365 and AX, you can easily generate data and design business documents and reports efficiently. Say goodbye to a heavy and time-consuming document generation process with Lasernet via Axdata.

Please read more our partner Tabellae

ISV solutions are shown as an solid and effective way to complement systems with key features that allow you to run your business as efficiently as possible. Access innovative technology in areas such as document management and payroll systems with ISV solutions developed for Dynamics 365. There is a large network of ISV partners delivering enriching software for the Dynamics 365 platform. Axdata has selected partners who provide some of the best ISV solutions on the market. This allows us to deliver perfect business solutions to our customers.

Complex solutions do not have to be complicated

Businesses need complex IT systems for their business processes, but that does not necessarily mean that the system needs to be complicated. Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a simple, effective, and easy-to-use platform that helps businesses grow. Investing in Microsoft Dynamics 365 gives you the following:

  • A comprehensive overview of the organization
  • Industry-specific functionality
  • Financial management
  • Business Intelligence and reporting
  • Support for sales and marketing
  • Purchase
  • Project and personnel management
  • A scalable solution

.. and much more! Get an efficient, powerful and user-friendly business application in one and the same system.

Axdata puts your business processes in focus

Axdata has over 20 years of experience in optimizing business processes. Are you looking for a new business system or are you wondering if you should upgrade? We focus on your business, and our employees work hard to find the optimal solution for your processes to achieve the profit you want.

We are ready to help you

Contact us if you want more information about some of our own exciting IP solutions or integration solutions. We can also help you further with some of the market’s most widespread ISV solutions.