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Axdata IP - Axdata Installation

Extended item information in Dynamics 365

The Axdata Installation add-on allows you to track all items, right down to the individual level, directly in Microsoft Dynamics 365. The module provides an accurate and detailed overview of the product’s location, installation and service history. Among other things, this simplifies the handling of spare parts, so you can optimize the company’s service offerings.


For companies that manufacture and supply expensive components that should be followed up in an aftermarket with, for example, service, warranty schemes and handling of spare parts this sollution helps a lot. You can track exactly where they are delivered and installed, what happened to this individual regarding inquiries and services, and where all other individuals of the same type are installed / delivered in the world.

When the item is produced, an “As-Built” list will be made which shows exactly how each individual product was produced, which serial numbers are included in the individual product. The production has reference to Project, Location and installation so that the necessary tracking is built up while producing. It is also possible to specify the production process for each individual and thereby have the opportunity for further detailed production control for each individual unit.

Digitale teknologier blir viktigere i produksjonsindustrien ettersom kundepesifikasjoner øker

The solution is built up in 3 levels:

Level 1: Location

To track in detail where each individual is physically located, a structure is built up with locations and sub-locations. A location can be, for example, a ship *, a platform, a building or a larger area consisting of several buildings. A sub-location can be different buildings in an area, rooms in a building or a bridge, decks, cargo on a ship, etc.

By building locations, you get an overview of what your company has delivered here historically, regardless of which projects and deliveries it comes from.

* For companies that deliver goods and services to ships / vessels, we have an additional solution called Axdata Ship Register

Level 2: Installation

The next level in the structure is installations. Here you can document the different installations of devices or groups of devices you have made to one location. These can be different engines in an engine room, bridge systems on a bridge, communication devices, etc. By building installations, you can see exactly where the individuals your company has delivered are installed at the location. Then it will be easy for your service employees to get an overview, and easier for you to give the customer a good follow-up when they ask questions about the individuals your company has delivered.

Level 3: Individual product

The lowest level of the structure is products or individuals. An individual is a completely unique commodity of which there is only one. If you want an item to be able to be followed up as an individual, you state this in the layout of the item.

When handing over one or more items to a location, the items will receive an individual number which will be used further for all inquiries from the customer in the future. If 10 pieces of the same item are handed out at the same location, you will thus get 10 individuals.

If the same item also is delivered at other locations, you will be able to see from the item which locations it has been delivered. This means that you quickly can get full control of all the individuals your company has delivered in one physical place, and at the same time see which other places in the world you have delivered the same type of individual to.

If your company receives a request from a customer about the individuals, you can track all the actions your company has, the services your company performs and whether your company has possibly replaced individuals on an installation. Your service staff will thus even before they leave be able to see all relevant information about the individual in relation to service history, what they need of spare parts for the individual and which other individuals are at the location.


The Axdata Installation solution is priced per named user per month, similar to the pricing model that applies to standard Microsoft Dynamics 365. The number of licensed users of the solution must be corresponding to the number of licensed users of standard Microsoft Dynamics 365. Services for implementing the solution are additional.

Price per Team Member license
0,75 EUR
Pris per Activity lisence
3,50 EUR
Pris per Enterprise lisence
7,00 EUR

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