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Axdata Printing & Label extensions

If you need to create labels with barcodes for your purchased or manufactured products, we have the solution for you. Axdata Printing & Label works on all types of products and is not tied to storage system or other processes, in addition, the solution is so flexible that you can produce labels at any time in the process.

We have developed a solution to make this easy, while taking advantage of the industry standard ZPL coding of labels. This makes design setup easy and flexible and can be done by anyone with minimal training in advance, as no IT skills are required. This is a solution that ensures that the item receives the correct information and markings, including the necessary barcodes.

The solution has been developed to be as simple as possible and user-friendliness has been a priority in the development. Among other things, barcodes can be created at different levels and item numbers can be used as barcodes.

The solution is developed for Microsoft Dynamics 365 and comes with four different label types that can have their own layout and be used at different levels in the system. There is also flexibility in the solution for the choice of label printer, whether it should be the same or different for where you print the labels. On the label you can also choose whether you want to print, for example, user ID or name.

Axdata Printing & Label extension for Microsoft Dynamics 365

Why use barcodes:

Barcodes provide better data. A barcode can be used for stock and price information, which makes it possible to quickly obtain data on both. Furthermore, barcodes can be adapted so that they contain other relevant information as needed. They provide fast, reliable data for a variety of applications.
• It is easy
• It is cost effective
• Barcode technology is available now
• Barcode eliminates errors
• Bar codes provide security
• Stock tracking with barcodes saves time

Label solution for MicrosoftDynamics 365

The solution uses Zebra Programming Lanuage (ZPL) which is a programming language from Zebra Technologies that is primarily developed for use in label applications. With ZPL there is little programming and small files are generated and is therefore very efficient. In addition, this is the standard format in a number of industries. The flexibility of the solution gives you easy access to print labels in 4 different places in the system as needed:
• On Released products
• On Released products variants
• On Production orders
• On Purchase orders

This solution allows you to easily design and print labels with barcodes to mark the products with. With a simple setup and flexibility in relation to use, Axdata Printing & Label is a solution that suits most companies that need to label their products with barcodes to gain better control over the flow of goods.

The solution is in line with standard processes found in the Inventory Management System for printing labels during picking / warehousing. To make it as easy to use as possible, we have designed the solution so that you only need to set up barcodes where you have variants. If the label system does not find a separate barcode for the item, it uses the item number as a barcode. Which works fine in the scanner under the WHS system.

Axdata Printing & Label extensions
300,- EUR

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