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Axdata Delivery Overview

Axdata Delivery Overview

With a comprehensive and clear overview of all open deliveries, it is easier to make the right decisions.

The solution provides a quick and easy overview of goods that have not been received and goods that have not been delivered. The screenshots make it easy to search, sort and create the overview you need.

Timely deliveries in and out of the company are the key to better customer satisfaction, less inventory and improved liquidity. If there are delays, it is possible to see what it means and to make decisions that minimize the consequences.

Delivery Overview | Making a long story short

The module can be used to see the following:

  • Which purchase orders have not been received?
  • Which production orders have not been completed and placed in stock?
  • Which production order lines have not been drawn from the warehouse?
  • Which sales orders have not been delivered?
  • Which projects need to pull items from the warehouse?


The module supports the interplay between purchasing and production. project and sales

  • Can we start production?
  • What materials are missing to complete production?
  • When will the remaining items be in stock?
  • What goods do we need to be able to deliver in the project? When can we send the fitters out to assemble the project?

Proactive | Delivery Safety

With ongoing changes in the delivery situation, it can be difficult to make the right decisions. It is important for customers that they can have confidence that delivery security is top notch and deviations are handled. Should there be unintentional delivery deviations, suppliers must be moved, any alternative suppliers must be selected, customers must be informed and projects must be rescheduled.


In the event of a shortage of goods, you may have to make priorities between deliveries. The module enables you to see which deliveries can be partially or completely delivered and you can sort by delivery value.


It is possible to define delivery areas within specific countries and postcodes. In this way, it is possible to make transport planning. With the delivery areas, you can optimize the use of external carriers and collect shipments that must be sent together.


It is also possible to gather customers in different customer groups. It can be used to gather customers who belong to the same chain or business area. In the delivery overview, you can sort and collect all the backorders for a customer group so that you have a comprehensive overview.


The Delivery Summary Workspace provides management information and smoother business control.

« We have used Axdata’s solution Delivery Overview for 7 years and it has improved our delivery security.»

–  Johanna Nilsson, Medema AS

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