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Axdata Engineering

A ready-made solution for Dynamics 365

Axdata’s engineering solution has been developed based on industry needs that are not covered by the standard solution and has been identified thanks to our long experience with engineering- and production companies. Axdata Engineering provides you with product information at a detailed level, so you can make well-informed decisions. For example, can you easily retrieve and deliver product information as environmentally hazardous emissions for customers who want it. In an industry where market needs and customer requirements are constantly changing, it is important to have a solution that streamlines change processes so that you can deliver the right product at the right time.

Track all history

Axdata Engineering is an add-on to Microsoft Dynamics 365 that includes extended functionality created for Engineering- and production companies. The module helps you track all history and simplifies the process around updates and changes, and you always have the information you need about your items.

Audit management

By not having to create a new item number each time the properties change, the need for many item numbers will be reduced. The module allows you to attach documents with information to each revision to track which documents have been used in the production process of this item. This also allows you to easily make new productions on an older revision. Change notifications can be created on an item when a new revision is to be made, so it is visible when a new version of the item is under construction.

Document management

Get full control of all document documentation for an item. These can be drawings, product sheets, user manuals, certificates and more. Documents and documentpackages can also be included in a BOM so you can easily track the logistics of documents you send to customers and suppliers. It is possible to define different document packages for the different revisions of the item.

Technical information about goods

With extended functionality for goods registers, you can register a greater breadth of information and more detailed information of all parts of the logistics around your goods. Values ​​that can be specified are Material quality, Component values ​​and unit control of manufactured and delivered goods. In addition, “Tag” tracking can be defined.

The module has, among other things, a manufacturer’s handling, where you can see which manufacturers can be used to deliver components you buy from your suppliers (your suppliers’ manufacturers), alternative manufacturers on the same product, and classification codes to be able to group goods. It is also possible to link technical information on the product to the production and extended assembly can be added when this is used in a structure on a special finished product.

Green Passport

Document which environmentally hazardous substances your goods contain with Green Passport. The module allows you to print environmental certificates on what your company sends of environmentally hazardous substances in deliveries where the customer requires this type of documentation.

The origin of this solution is The Ship Recycling Convention which decided that in connection with the destruction and recycling of ships, there should be a so-called “Inventory of Hazardous Materials” – often called Green Passport.

You can also get an overview of environmentally hazardous substances in a BOM if there are larger components that are made up of many items. Environmental certificates will be automatically printed upon delivery of goods where this is desired and attached to the delivery. This can be reprinted as needed.

AI i produksjonsbransjen


It is possible to link recommended spare parts and spare parts lists to the items. You can specify which parts are recommended, which parts need to be replaced and how often this should be done. For each part, notes and position / TAG number can be specified so that the part that should be replaced can be easily identified. Documents describing instructions for replacing a component are also linked here. If these items are audited, different levels of spare parts can be linked to the individual audit of the item.

Product Certification and testing

If the company needs to certify products, the product is linked to a development project so all costs of product development, testing and certification are in one project. To this project you can link tests that are to be performed for certification and / or approval from the customer. This is placed in a separate table and it is easy to get an overview of which revisions of the item have which certificates. It is also possible to have several certificates on the same item, if customers require different company certificates.

CAD integration

In order to easily generate BOMs based on a CAD design, there is an import function that reads BOMs and references to them in Microsoft Dynamics. If the CAD system is ready or has a function for import, new items that are created can easily be imported into the CAD solution. If you use revision in the CAD system, importing BOMs can also create new revisions based on metadata from CAD, as well as retrieve and link the revision to a file reference (file structure or SharePoint).


The Axdata Engineering solution is priced per named user per month, similar to the pricing model that applies to standard Microsoft Dynamics 365. The number of licensed users of the solution must be corresponding to the number of licensed users of standard Microsoft Dynamics 365. Services for implementing the solution are additional.

Price per Team member:
0,75 EUR
Price per Activity user:
3,50 EUR
Price per Enterprise user:
7,00 EUR

We understand your needs

With more than 20 years of experience and a strong professional focus, you get an active partner who guides you safely through the implementation process. Contact us today for more information on how to get started with Axdata Engineering.

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