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Axdata shipment booking

Time-saving and efficient integration for Dynamics 365

Working with transportation and handling of shipments can be time-consuming with all the details needed for organizing, placing orders and follow up afterwards. In addition, data is needed in several applications for handling the shipments and this often leads to manual processes and possible errors in data punched differently in applications. To speed up the process, reduce manual work and error sources we have developed Axdata Shipment Booking which is a generic integration between Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management and external shipment solutions like nShift.

In an everyday life where significant time is spent on ordering and following up on transportation, having a solution that makes this easier for you is highly convenient. We have that solution!

Axdata Shipment Booking provides an easy and affordable standard integration between Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management and transport solutions, such as nShift. Our integration system also supports other solutions, should you need that. As a user of the integration system, you only work directly in the user interface space of Dynamics 365, without the need to deal with other applications. From Dynamics 365, you order, track and obtain documentation while having full control of existing orders.

Axdata Shipment Bookings is also an integration that is easy to implement, making it all the more easy for you.

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With Axdata Shipment Booking, you work faster and have better control with "One click booking"

Axdata shipment booking


Use of Axdata Shipment Booking:

300,00 EUR

Price per month, regardless of the number of companies and users. Time spent on installation and assistance in configuring the solution comes in addition. 

Benefits of integration:


  • You only work in Dynamics 365 With ordering and follow up on transport assignments
  • You streamline the work of reusing data that is already registered in Dynamics 365. This eliminates the need to navigate to another system and entering the same data
  • You get quick confirmation of transport orders with tracking information for follow-up directly in Dynamics 365, in addition to direct printing labels and cover letters
  • You get more detailed shipping reports and options for follow-up, as well as a full status overview of assignments directly in Dynamics 365:
    • Overview of shipments that have been packed, but where transportation has not been booked
    • Overview of shipments that have been booked, but not picked up
    • Overview of shipments that have been picked up, but not delivered
  • You do not need access to the carrier integrator like NShift or others to get transport or booking status on the orders
  • Always access to the latest version
  • Maintained by Axdata

How easy is it to get started with the integration:

After ordering  Axdata Shipment Booking, there are two simple steps before you are ready to use the solution.

If you don’t already have it, get an agreement or account with a freigh integrator like nShift or other. Most companies that deal with shipments of a certain scope have this today. Once an agreement has been created, you must coordinate with the chosen freight integrator to ensure that the desired shipping options and products are set up in the freight integrator’s environment.

Setting up the integration: With access to a simple manual, you can quickly set up the integration with a freight integrator. This ensures that the data registered on the shipment is converted to the default values of the company with which the freight integrator operates, such as units of measure, volume and mass.

Get started with Axdata Shipment Booking today

You are welcome to contact us, should you wish to know more about Axdata Shipment Booking.