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Axdata Subscription

Clear management of your subscription solutions

Anyone who offers their customers some form of subscription, lease or rental knows how time consuming and confusing it can be to keep track of all variants and make sure all customers get what they need. We often see that our customers have had a number of manual processes and control routines to ensure that all subscriptions are taken care of in accordance with the agreements. These are manual processes and routines that are often very extensive and time consuming, which in turn reduces the margins and profitability of the services and products. With Axdata Subscription for Dynamics 365 you have an easy overview and save time on managing the subscriptions.

Through more than 20 years of experience, Axdata has worked with a number of customers who need subscriptions, leasing and rental of various types of services and products. Based on our experience and in consultation with several of our customers, we have developed a solution for Dynamics 365 Finance & Supply Chain Management that handles most forms of subscription, leasing and rental.

With the Axdata Subscription for Dynamics 365, you can easily keep track of and manage the various subscriptions for the services you provide or the products you rent out. The solution covers the vast majority of subscription variants, and with a simple setup you get a flexible and clear solution that keeps track of all customers and subscriptions.

Overall about the solution

Subscriptions are created directly from the subscription module or from a sales order, depending on how the solution is decided to be used and the individual user’s desired perspective. Items related to the subscriber are managed based on settings in the subscription module combined with how the subscription is created.

Axdata subscription - D365 with delivery of items

Axdata Subscription includes:

• Subscription related to services
• Subscription linked to products you have sold or rented out / leased out
• Subscription linked to a package of products and services where different products are delivered over time

A flexible solution

Axdata Subscription on Dynamics 365 provides great flexibility to define how and when goods are to be delivered, as well as how the return of goods is to be followed up.

For example, if you have a customer with a subscription where the price agreement and invoice address deviate from the customer’s standard setup, the solution is so flexible that it is fully possible to register your own price and invoice address for this subscription.

When you create a subscription, you define the start-up of the subscription and a billing period. The solution allows you to choose between a monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or annual billing period. Within each period, you have the option of specifying the period length, so that you can invoice anything from 1 month to several years, in relation to how the subscription is set up. When an invoice basis is created, it is checked against the date the subscription was invoiced to. If the solution detects that the invoice date is longer in time than to the date in the last invoiced period, a new invoice basis is created for the next period length.

If you find yourself in a situation where the subscription is to be stopped, a stop date is easily set in the solution when you know this. It is also possible to prevent a product from being sent out without you having to stop the entire subscription by setting a new delivery date for the item in the subscription link. If there is a subscription that has been stopped, but you want to start again, this is easily done by removing the stop date.

If the company has more advanced needs, the following features are also available:

  • Synchronization with main deadline for customer with products that are interrupted or added during a subscription period.
  • Setting up the expected delivery plan and handling of subscription goods, lending of goods and delivery of goods to all subscriptions with the option of overriding the price in the subscription.
  • Transferring subscription items to a subscription that creates a recurring invoice basis as long as the subscription is running.
  • Lending of goods is easily marked with lending from – to date, so it is easy to keep track of lending of goods.

Axdata Subscription gives you an overview

From a separate work area, you get an easy overview of the status of your active subscriptions. From here you can see which subscriptions are ready for transfer to sales order or project item needs, which subscriptions are ready for new invoice updates, and which subscriptions are to be credited. You also have easy access to active subscriptions to make changes in either price, number or cancellations.

Axdata Subscription can also be used in combination with Axdata Engineering and Axdata Installation, so you get a greater overview, better control and utilization of the solutions. By combining these solutions, it is possible to control goods and subscriptions as well as link subscription orders to an installation and location


The Axdata subscription solution is priced per. Named user per. Month, corresponding to the pricing model applicable to standard Microsoft Dynamics 365. The number of licensed users of the solution must correspond to the number of licensed users of standard Microsoft Dynamics 365. Services for implementing the solution are additional.

Price per month Team Member license
0,75 Euro
Price per month Activity license
3,50 Euro
Price per month Enterprise license
7,00 Euro

Learn more about the solution:

If you want a better overview of your subscription customers, contact us and let us help you further in the process.

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