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Dun & Bradstreet integration with Dynamics 365 Finance

With Axdata’s Dun & Bradstreet integration with Dynamics 365 Finance and Dynamics AX, you can link your customer information with Dun & Bradstreet Nordic credit and business information. You can integrate products such as Credit Information, Credit Decisions, Monitoring Services and Dun & Bradstreet Services for Lead Search into your business solution.

Dun & Bradstreet is one of Europe’s leading providers of digital business information. The group offers credit, marketing and business solutions that help more than 200,000 companies to minimize risks, maximize sales and make better business decisions. Bisnode is found in 19 European countries and has approx. 3,000 employees.


Hurtig tilgang til firmadata

Quick access to master data, accounting figures, credit information, etc.

Risk Management


Get alerts about important changes so you can make the right decisions quickly

Credit Monitoring


Avoid losses on debtor by monitoring customers’ creditworthiness

Insurance monitoring


Monitor insurance contracts to avoid losses

Foreign data

Utendlanske data

Access data from 265 million companies in 240 countries     

Person information


Get wiser about the consumers in your customer database

Dun & Bradstreet integration for Dynamics 365 Finance

Look how easy it is to use Dun & Bradstreet services with a Microsoft Dynamics 365 integration.

Dun & Bradstreet integration for Dynamics 365 Finance

Axdata’s Dun & Bradstreet integration with Dynamics 365 Finance is designed for risk / finance managers and analysts who need to manage complex projects from different departments in a robust and scalable environment.

With a few clicks, you get information about companies’ credit ratings, failure scores, recommended credit max, etc. Proactively follow trends in your customer database, so you always have the full overview of risks and growth opportunities.

Axdata’s Dun & Bradstreet integration solution is divided into 4 independent packages:

  • Company (Basic)
  • Monitoring (Package#1)
    • Risk Monitoring
    • Credit Monitoring
    • Insurance Monitoring
  • Person information (Package#2)
  • Foreign data (Package#3)

The three additional packages above are conditional on the purchase of the basic package.

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Company data (Basic)
340.- EUR / month

Company data

Get access to the Nordic region’s largest provider of credit and business information directly from Dynamics 365 Finance

With Axdata’s Dynamics 365 and Dynamics AX integration Solution for Dun & Bradstreet, you can link your customer information with Bisnode’s Nordic credit and business information. You can integrate products such as credit information, credit decisions, monitoring services and leads search services. In this way, business-critical information is gathered in one place. The result is that the company’s decision makers gain control, an optimal overview and an efficient business process.

With Axdata’s Dun & Bradstreet Solution, you can do directly from Dynamics 365 Finance & Dynamics AX

  • Company search
    See master data, accounting figures, credit information etc.
  • Market selection
    Discover new audiences
  • Data enrichment
    Enrich existing data in the enterprise solution with a unique ID
  • Master data update
    Secure valid data 24/7/365
  • The integration
    Create businesses easily and correctly

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Be up-to-date with your customers’ situation

Axdata´s Data & Credit monitoring automatically keeps your customer database up to date and helps you minimize the risk of losses to your customers and suppliers in Denmark.

Every month the following changes take place in Denmark:

Through Dun & Bradstreet monitoring of your customers and suppliers, you can safely count on basing your credit decisions and risk assessments on the latest information. The solution is based on Axdata´s Dun & Bradstreet integration where you get access not only to the world’s largest company database, but also to a tool that ensures the widest coverage of credit information in the world.

With Axdata´’s Monitoring integration to Dun & Bradstreet, you can have automatic monitoring performed at:

  • Risk (Monitor on Master Data, Accounting figures)
  • Credit (Monitor on Kreditmax, Kredit assessments)
  • Insurance (Monitor on Insurance Contracts)

With the above in place, you will quickly experience the following benefits:

  • Optimize credit decisions with accurate customer information
  • Avoid credit losses by continuously monitoring customers
  • Work with compliance and always comply with the law

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270.- EUR / month

Person information

Make sure your communication is spot-on

How well do you know your customers? Do you know, for example, how often they move? What did they vote for in the last election? And whether they would rather eat take-away than make it themselves? With Dun & Bradstreet data on consumers, you can get really close to your customers and become aware of their lifestyle, behavior, interests and attitudes, and this is where you will be able to differentiate your communication to the greater extent towards the customers. It will thus be easier for you to send the right message, to the right recipient, at the right time and via the right communication channel. And it’s something that makes customers respond – when you speak directly to the individual.


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Foreign data

Dun & Bradstreet have access to the world’s largest database of business information. Updated information is available on 265 million companies in more than 240 countries.

Axdata has prepared an extension to our own Dun & Bradstreet integration solution which makes the world ready for your feet.


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Credit and Market Information

Price on the Bisnode integrations for Dynamics 365 Finance

The individual packages are not dependent on the number of users but are linked to the Microsoft license itself.


Price per. month – excl. installation, setup and training

Other exciting Dun & Bradstreet integrations from Axdata

Bisnode produktblad

Dun & Bradstreet integration | Product sheet

Please fill out the form to download the product sheet for our Dun & Bradstreet integration for Dynamics 365 Finance / Dynamics AX.

Other smart solutions from Axdata

Axdata integration solutions for Dynamics 365 integrate securely and give you the best conditions to tackle your business challenges – from sales, marketing and finance to operations and field service.

Credit and market information


With Axdata’s Dynamics 365 Finance & Dynamics AX integration, users can search for business information (accounting and credit information, contact information, etc.) of more than DKK 6 million directly from a Microsoft Dynamics screen. companies throughout the Nordic region at Experian.

With Axdata’s integration solution for Experian, you support your entire customer life cycle:

  • Find good customers for your business Company search and lookup
  • Grow Your Business | Market selection
  • Protect Your Business | credit rating, credit max and market surveillance

Since 2002, Axdata has worked closely with Experian on the development of integration with Dynamics 365 Finance & Dynamics AX.


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Data collection integrated in Dynamics 365 Finance

Mark information

ProMark is the market’s leading data collection solution that can exchange directly and in real time with Microsoft Dynamics. Axdata has developed integration into ProMark’s four main areas

  • Production
  • Project
  • Pay
  • Employees

The first companies have already experienced how the two systems Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance / Dynamics AX and ProMark in interaction have a noticeable effect on both planning, overview and responsiveness. You can reap the same winnings.


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Flexible and paperless travel settlement

Smooth data integration between Dynamics 365 Finance/ Dynamics AX and SAP Concur Travel gives you a secure and transparent real-time end-to-end solution.

Finish with time-consuming travel settlement and curly receipts – Concur Travel makes your travel settlement process flexible and paperless. You get a real-time overview of employee expenses and up to 80% less administration with Concur Travel integration to Dynamics 365 Finance / Dynamics AX.

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Automated document and invoice management

With an integration between Dynamics 365 Finance and Compello, you get a cloud-based service for automated document and invoice management that is hassle-free and makes the internal processing and flow of documents safer, more efficient and user-friendly for those who work with this.

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The market's leading bank integration

Makes it easy to manage registration, approval, withdrawals, deposits and reconciliations electronically – across different banks and payment formats.

Create a payment in Dynamics AX, click on “Send to bank”, and the payment is automatically transferred to your bank and is ready to be approved.

With AMC Banking for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance / Dynamics AX you get:

  • Used for +400 Banks
  • Automation of all banking processes
  • Comprehensive validation
  • Everything takes place in one place in a familiar environment – easily, safely and automatically

AMC Banking brings together all banking tasks in one tool
It saves time, not least if your business has a daily need to handle varying banking transactions. With AMC Banking, you can create master data for new creditors and pay out amounts in the same, simple and uniform way, regardless of whether it is domestic or foreign payments. The system finds out for itself how the amounts are to be paid – regardless of what special banking conditions there may be for the individual creditor. This is one of the unique benefits of the system.

AMC Banking has been developed by AMC-Consult, which is a long-standing partner of Axdata A/S.

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