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Integration for Dynamics 365

Compello: Digital invoice and document management

When Dynamics 365 Finance was launched, Axdata and Compello also developed a standard integration between Compello’s invoice management solution and Dynamics 365 for Finance. This integration is currently delivered by Compello to all customers of Dynamics 365 Finance.

Together with Compello, we have focused strongly on the dataflow between Dynamics 365 Finance and Compello to ensure that you get the opportunity to automate invoice management and utilize the solution even better.

Axdata and Compello have a collaboration that dates back to the early 2000s, and together we have delivered a number of solutions to customers where Compello is integrated with Dynamics AX or Dynamics 365. We have also completed integrations for Dynamics AX 2012, AX 2009, AX 4.0 or AX 3.0,and we deliver this directly from us, and you get an efficient solution for invoice management.

Compello PROCESS integration for more efficient document and invoice management

Compello PROCESS is a cloud-based document and invoice management service with full integration with Dynamics 365 Finance. With PROCESS, you simplify the operation of the company by eliminating manual processing of invoices and document approval. Compello PROCESS is a set of services that make the internal processing and flow of documents safer, more efficient and user-friendly for those who work with this. The services include invoice approval, import of documents to the ERP system, app for approval / certification, automatic accounting and bookkeeping, reporting and archiving.

If you have Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance, PROCESS is a time-saving match for document and invoice distribution, and approval.

With this solution you get:

– Automatic import of EHF / Peppol documents
– Manual import of PDF / TIFF invoices with drag and drop functionality
– Automatic import of PDF invoice in emails
– iOS and Android app for approver
– Manual and automatic (rule based) certification and approval
– Administration of users and access control

In combination with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance (D365) you also get:

– Plug’n play integration between PROCESS and D365
– Automated accounts payable
– Automated import of vouchers for D365
– Automated posting of records to D365
– Mapping of document types against journals
– Support for invoice journal, invoice register and invoice approval
– Compilation of invoice against purchase order
– Transfer of receipts to PROCESS
– Archiving of documents in PROCESS
– Opportunity to search for vouchers from supplier transactions, projects, main accounts and purchase orders

With seamless integration between D365 and Compello, you get a solid and time-saving solution that allows manual and time-consuming work to be digitized and automated. Compello's services cover all needs related to incoming and outgoing invoice management.

About Compello

Compello is a software house that develops and delivers invoice management and document flow software in a safe, fast and secure way, and who knows that by streamlining document management, companies can save a lot of money and resources. The company currently has about 90 employees in four offices in Oslo, Larvik, Stockholm and Colombo. Compello is one of the leading IT companies in Norway in its field, and is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner in the business area Application Development.

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