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Promark Information
- work planning and time registration

ProMark is an online system for time registration and planning of employees’ working hours, where Microsoft Dynamics from Axdata is integrated in their solution. This gives customers a total solution with increased business benefits.

ProMark is the market’s leading online time tracking and scheduling system and can exchange data in real time with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance / Dynamics AX. Axdata has developed an integration in ProMark’s four main areas, which are Production, Project, Salary and Employees.

The integration between Microsoft Dynamics and ProMark has a noticeable effect on both planning, overview and responsiveness.


Immediate response to optimize operation

ProMark goes into detail to optimize your production and administrative processes in Microsoft Dynamics.


The two systems work together to ensure that your ERP system is constantly updated with the latest data, so you can respond immediately and allocate resources.

This way, you can create a reliable master plan based on the exact data so that you can respond immediately to staff absences, urgent orders, delays in raw material delivery or, for example, machine problems. The tool allows you to plan and manage your human resources according to the production plan generated in Microsoft Dynamics, so you can immediately identify discrepancies between the planned and actual workforce.


Save resources and gain control by getting employees to record their hours and activities online. This saves resources when it comes to administration approval routines and payroll administrators who enter data. ProMark makes it easier for employees to confirm absences in relation to planned working hours. ProMark helps manage various collective agreements and agreements for employees.


5 reasons to choose ProMark integration with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance / Dynamics AX


1) Save administration, registration and time for approval.

2) Reduces manual work by entering working hours and absences.

3) You get real-time real-time data on staff, materials and resources.

4) Follow-up on non-productive working hours.

5) Get optimization gains from Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance / Dynamics AX right down to the production floor.

Mark Information started in 1981 with the idea that it should be an easier, smarter and faster way to adapt the use of a company’s resources. Mark Information has always worked to further develop and refine what is today one of the industry’s most innovative software in personnel management. The company has grown to become Scandinavia’s largest supplier of systems for time, absence, activity and job registration.

Does that sound exciting?

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