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SAF-T is a standard format for exchanging accounting data developed by the OECD. The standard format specifies the accounting data to be exchanged and the structure of the data. We have a solid background from the implementation of +40 SAF-T projects for Microsoft Dynamics 365 & Dynamics AX.

Axdata offers you the full SAF-T package which now consists of 5 different modules, read more about these solutions on this page.

Axdata's SAF-T solution is offered for ALL Dynamics AX and Dynamics 365 Finance versions

Microsoft supports SAF-T in Dynamics 365 Finance and in Dynamics AX2012R3
Axdata implements both Microsoft & Axdata’s SAF-T solutions


Axdata Solution

What are the benefits of SAF-T?

It's a pure Win-Win situation

For companies with accounting obligations that implement Axdata SAF-T integration to their ERP system will quickly be able to experience several benefits, including:


  • It will be easier to submit financial statements to public authorities
  • It will be easier to perform internal audits in companies, analyze data in specialized systems and share data with others
  • It will be easy to change accounting system and integrate different systems.


For the Norwegian tax administration, the new way of collecting accounting data means more efficient audits and shorter case processing times due to automation and fewer manual processes.

Solution overview

Below are the formats on which our individual SAF-T solutions are based. Note our Basic module forms the basis for all our SAF-T solutions.


Basis / Finance 

  • Accounts
  • Journals
  • TaxTable
  • Taxonomies
  • Dimensions
  • Owners


Accounts Receivable (Deadline Q1 2021)

  • Customer Master data
  • Sales invoices
  • Payments


Accounts Payable (Deadline Q1 2021)

  • Supplier Master data
  • Purchase invoices
  • Payments



  • Product Master data
  • Inventory Movements


Fixed Assets

  • Asset Master files
  • Depreciation and revaluation


The Norwegian tax authorities make regular revisions, so new initiatives stay updated on this page for the latest announcements from the Tax Administration.

Solution Description & Handout

Basic / Finance

Axdata SAF-T Financials supports current legal requirements from the Tax Administration and is based on the following documentation:


  • Skatteetaten Norwegian SAF-T Financial data Technical description v1 .3 – 23.03.2018









The solution also contains setup tables for chart of accounts and VAT codes for use in mapping in relation to standard.


SAF-T Handouts

The following ERP systems are supported

Axdata has developed a SAF-T add on solution for all the AX versions below, including those that Microsoft does not support.


  • Dynamics 365
  • Dynamics AX2012R3
  • Dynamics AX2012
  • Dynamics AX2009
  • Dynamics AX 4.0
  • Dynamics AX 3.0
  • Dynamics Xal
  • Dynamics C5


We also help customers to implement hotfixes, advise and help set up ERP systems so that customers are ready to be able to provide the right data to the Norwegian tax authorities.


Selected customer references

  • Linak AS
  • Biltema Norge AS
  • Zenitel AS
  • Ferno Norden AS
  • Tide Bus AS
  • Medema Gruppen AS
  • Bodum AS
  • Nassau Door AS
  • Rosendahl Design Group AS
  • Seasystems AS
  • Loyds Industri AS
  • Aswo Norge AS
  • Lista Treindustri AS
  • Hamax AS
  • Haki AS
  • Nordisk Aviation Products AS
  • Rapp Bomekk AS

License and implementation price

Axdatas SAF-T integration Solution

Get started quickly and easily with our SAF-T solution.


Microsoft Dynamics 365

  • Subscription price:………….from 7 Euro per user / per month
  • Implementation:…………….20 hour


Microsoft Dynamics AX

  • License price:………………..from 5.500 Euro
  • Subscription price:……….from 150 Euro/ month
  • Implementation:…………….14 Hour


Contact Axdata to receive a non-binding offer on our SAF-T integration to your Dynamics 365 or Dynamics AX.

Axdata versus Microsoft SAF-T

Microsoft SAF-T status

It is worth noting the following:

  • Microsoft supports SAF-T in Dynamics 365 Finance and in AX2012R3.
  • Older ERP versions are not supported by Microsoft.


Microsoft has launched the SAF-T functionality for Dynamics 365 Finance. It is included in the 10.0.8 version, while hotfixes for the earlier versions must be installed before installation via electronic reporting. You can read more about this on this page at Microsoft.


Here you can also read about Microsoft’s support for SAF-T for Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3. If you want help with this, please contact us and we will tell you how we can help you.


If you have a Dynamics AX2012R3 or Dynamics 365 Finance, you can choose between Microsoft or Axdata’s solutions.

Questions and answers

Q & A

We have gathered 20 of the most used questions and answers about SAF-T in the document below.


For example, you can find answers to the following questions:

  • What data must be reported in SAF-T?
  • How should the SAF-T file be delivered in a practical way?
  • What does it mean that company data must be “mapped” to the SAF-T format?
  • etc.


If you still have questions about SAF-T that are not answered in the attached material, you are of course very welcome to contact our SAF-T team.



You achieve this with SAF-T

The introduction of the format will make it easier to analyze data, send accounting material to public authorities. The standard format will also make it easier to perform internal controls at the company and share data with others, as well as make it easier to store accounting information.

SAF-T is introduced in several phases / tempi

All the countries that have chosen to introduce SAF-T do so in different phases / tempi. In Norway, for example, it has been chosen that in the first phase the content of the file will be required to be account specification (general ledger), customer and supplier specifications (residual account), VAT codes and necessary fixed data. The requirements for the content of an SAF-T XML file can be found on the Norwegian tax authority’s website under General documentation for implementing SAF-T and technical description.

Future versions, which are likely to be split into second and third phases, are likely to include requirements for more comprehensive accounting data, such as detailed invoice information, inventory, fixed assets and special taxes. It will probably also be mandatory to submit the data file in the long term together with the VAT return.


Contact Axdata if you want to know more about how a given country has chosen to approach SAF-T.

Is your reporting to the tax authorities correct?

If you implement Axdata SAF-T solution, the company will be able to deliver according to the requirements of SAF-T reporting. With the SAF-T standard, each country’s tax authority is able to carry out more frequent checks and process cases faster than before. It is therefore important that the company has updated systems before the authorities implement their controls so that it is possible to retrieve accounting data in SAF-T format. In other words, it is a great advantage that you and your company are well prepared and have a proven system as soon as possible.

Implementation steps

Digital submissions and analyzes of data have now become the new everyday life for most Norwegian companies

Complex solutions do not have to be complicated

Businesses need complex IT systems for their business processes, but that does not necessarily mean that the system needs to be complicated. Axdata SAF-T integration with Microsoft Dynamics is a simple, efficient, and easy-to-use solution that helps businesses meet tax reporting requirements.

Axdata puts your business processes in focus

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