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E-book: Trends in an ERP perspective

What you need to consider before implementing a new ERP-system.

The engineering and manufacturing industries are constantly changing, continuously affected by new trends for technology and digitalization. A modern ERP system is at the heart of the company, and creates a competitive advantage. But what should you keep in mind when getting a new ERP solution? How should the company relate to trends in an ERP perspective? When is it time to modernize the ERP solution to take advantage of these trends? How can it optimize the company’s efficiency, revenue growth and risk management? How should the company start the journey towards a modern ERP solution?

There is a lot to consider when it comes to acquiring a new ERP-system, dealing with trends, and best utilizing these with a modern business solution. In order to help you with some of these questions, we have made a summary in the form of this ERP-guide. It addresses the path to a new ERP-system, how a modern solution can help you utilize the most important market trends in today’s engineering and manufacturing industry, as well as other important aspects in a business-relevant perspective. Download the e-book so that your company is better equipped to make well-informed decisions that facilitate success. NB! The e-book is only available in Norwegian.

You can read about:

  • Important trends within technology and digitization
  • How to take advantage of trends in an ERP-perspective
  • Signs that your current ERP-solution is not up to date
  • How to start the journey towards a modern ERP solution
  • Other companies’ experience

A business solution created for growth

In an increasingly challenging market, with increased competition and high demands for efficiency and accurate data, it is crucial to have a business system that handles challenges and can follow market developments. Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a cloud solution that simplifies all the processes your company may have, from day one.

The solution can be implemented as one or more apps to meet the company’s needs, and improves insight, knowledge and workflow. Data and insights are transformed into intelligent action, and allow you to compose, change and expand processes in real time.

Etterhvert som selskap øker ferdighetene sine med AI, vil det åpne for å skape innovative løsninger med teknologien

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Axdata exists of industry specialists with broad expertise and several years of experience from the engineering and production industry. We know how crucial it is to have product information that is correct and without flaws, which provides real control. With knowledge and understanding of the industry, we know what is needed to succeed and which solutions cover both the industry and company needs. We therefore offer a range of products that make your business equipped for a digital transformation and success.

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