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ERP - Business Solutions

Acquiring a new ERP system is a strategic and important decision for all companies. It is important to choose the right business solution tailored to both your industry and business, and not least, it is important to choose a partner who will support even after implementation.

The market is getting tougher. With greater competition and customers with higher expectations, it becomes even more important to have an ERP and business solution that addresses all challenges and opportunities on the road to success – whether it be production efficiency, change in profitability or the ability to meet the rapid changes in the market.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Dynamics AX handles all processes throughout the value chain such as administration, finance, production, distribution and HR. Learn more about functionality in Microsoft Dynamics 365 here and Dynamics AX here.

Axdata is a certified Microsoft Gold partner and can deliver both on-premise solutions as well as Dynamics 365 in the cloud. Our focus on optimizing business processes involves finding the right solutions for our customers.

Cloud Solutions

All companies, both large and small, need a complete business system. Nevertheless, many often find themselves barred from procurement or upgrading due to high investment costs and heavy implementation processes. Cloud-based business solutions have changed the perspective of business operations and costs associated with investing in a new business system. Operating the business system on a cloud platform allows for a scalable solution where you only pay for the capacity actually used, lower investment cost and a shorter deployment process.

Experience and passion for the field

Axdata has talented consultants with long experience from both large and small implementation projects with the Microsoft Dynamics 365 business solution and the ERP solution Dynamics AX. With passion for the profession, we are constantly working on optimizing business processes and creating value for our customers. We guide your business towards choosing the right business solution for your industry. In each implementation project we use Microsoft Dynamics Lifecycle Services (LCS), a collaboration portal supported by Microsoft Azure. Microsoft Dynamics Lifecycle Services (LCS) helps improve the predictability and quality of implementations by simplifying and standardizing the implementation process.

Industry-specific solutions and seamless integrations

Axdata offers a selection of industry-specific solutions and integrations that provide enhanced functionality to Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Dynamics AX. With expertise and experience, Axdata has developed several industry solutions specifically tailored to the business solution for production, engineering, energy and power plants and project-oriented industry.

Radoy Gruppen

ERP for the Energy and Power industry

The Energy and Power industry is undergoing rapid changes. It is important for your business to keep up with the changes through the development and maintenance of business processes for good distribution and delivery.

ERP for Engineering

Med ERP for engineering får du kontroll på karakteristikker ved dine varer. Microsoft Dynamics 365 kombinert med våre bransjeløsninger håndterer all informasjon om produktet helt fra det er godkjent hos engineering til det er i bruk, slik at både salg, innkjøp, lager, produksjon og service blir ivaretatt.

ERP for Manufacturing

Whether your company produces parts for a product or is responsible for the production of the finished product itself, we know these are complex and unique processes. In order to have an overview and control it is important that you have a business system that handles changes and supports all stages of the production process. Equally important is having a supplier and partner who understands your industry.
Prosjektorientert industri

ERP for Project-oriented industry

Does your business deliver products and services via projects, or need control over the development costs for new products? Then it is important to have a business solution that handles both flow of goods and project accounting. Axdata assists your business in choosing the right business solution for your industry.

If you have any questions regarding ERP and business solutions

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