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ERP for engineering gives you control over the characteristics of your goods. Microsoft Dynamics 365, combined with our industry solutions, handles all information about the product from the time it is approved by engineering until it is in use, so that both sales, purchasing, inventory, production and service are taken care of.


Maintain relevant and correct information

Inadequate or incorrect information on engineering products can create major problems, lead to extra work and costs. In order to overcome potential problems, it is essential to have the correct information management from the product development in engineering to service after delivery. Axdata, a specialist in business solutions for engineering, has consultants with extensive experience in implementations projects for engineering companies.

Axdata has long experience with ERP and business solutions for engineering companies, and is a certified Gold ERP partner who delivers both on-premise solutions and Dynamics 365 hosted in the cloud. Our focus on optimizing business processes involves finding the right solutions for our customers.

Increased quality and data flow

Whether you purchase ready-made goods, components for assembly and resale or produce your own products, there are a number of characteristics of a finished product that you want to control for later use in the value chain. Microsoft Dynamics 365, combined with our industry solutions, handles, among other things, audits of goods and all related documents, and gives engineering companies the functionality they need to have the right information at the right time.

  • Technical information about the product with CAD integration
  • Detailed information on cost prices and sales prices
  • Supply Overview
  • Documentation of environmentally harmful substances – Green Passport
  • Manufacturers of the product with manufacturer specification
  • Spare parts list for goods with revision – possibility of spreading on sales order lines
  • Subscription to the item
  • Warranty arrangements on the item
  • Individual handling with the possibility of “As-Built” information from production with history
  • TAG numbering

To get the best quality information, Dynamics 365 leverages data from other Microsoft solutions such as Office 365. This gives you an even better data flow and ensures optimal utilization of data that already exists in the various systems.

Axdata has long experience with ERP and business solutions for engineering companies, and is a certified Gold ERP partner who delivers both on-premise solutions and Dynamics 365 hosted in the cloud. Our focus on optimizing business processes involves finding the right solutions for our customers.

Industry-specfic solutions

Axdata has several industry solutions developed specifically for engineering.

Among others, Axdata Engineering which provides you with item information at the detailed level, so that you can make informed decisions. The solution has integrated Engineering Change Order (ECO) Management so you can record changes (ECO) and revisions to goods, bill of materials and production routes. In retrospect, it is then easy to find back to how a sold item is built / produced when the sales transaction contains audit. Axdata Engineering also has reference to the drawing number and technical note that can be used during change and the possibility of CAD integration with the import of approved BOM and drawings. When importing to a selected company, imported BOM lines are checked to ensure that all used goods are released to the company. Approved audits from the CAD system can be transferred and will then update “ECO Management” with a new version and leave it ready for authorization.

In addition, we have the Axdata Installation solutions that provide the ability to track items down to the individual level, the Axdata Advanced Project for managing the life cycle of a project, right from an early tender stage before you have a project until the project lifecycle is complete and Axdata Employee Services which ensures data capture by employees on hours and travel bills.

Our project methodology - Conference Room Piloting assures quality and efficiency

Axdata specialize in ERP and business solutions for energy and power plants, with consultants who have extensive experience from multiple implementation projects in the industry. Our goal is to optimize the entire value chain for our customers. To achieve our goal, we focus on competence, respect and engagement in all aspects of the implementation process

In order for you as a customer to have an implementation process that is smooth, as little time-consuming as possible and that ensures the quality of the entire project, we use a project methodology called “Conference Room Piloting”. Conference Room Piloting is a project methodology that is process-oriented and “right on target”. From the first workshop, we effectively start working in the standard solution together and the starting point for the workshops is a ready-made basic layout for project-oriented industry that Axdata has included in the project. This allows the project team to get started quickly and have a starting point to work from, rather than starting completely from scratch.

In the workshops, we work together with a focus on the individual process areas, where we configure the solution, embed test data and test the processes together with the business processes. We do this iteratively per process until the individual process has been set up, tested and accepted. Through this process, super users and the project team will gain a good level of competence, which reduces the need for courses and training before commissioning. This is a proven methodology and we have received very good feedback from our clients on the method when implementing projects.

Customer Care

The customer is the most important thing we have in Axdata, and we do our best to take care of the investments you make with us. The Axdata Customer Care team is passionate about providing you with the best customer service, because our customers’ success with our solutions is also our success.

When using business systems, errors and changes will occur that can make the solution unreliable. If this happens, customers deserve to be well taken care of and some want to be followed up closely. Through the Axdata Customer Care customer program you get closer follow-up and we try to be ahead of the problem and unveil our customers’ need for help and support, which minimizes the risk of the solution not working.

Axdata Customer Care is a customer program that is managed by a dedicated Team in Axdata and is designed to ensure that your company experiences proximity, more predictability, availability and that we quickly solve any challenges you experience. With a Customer Care agreement, you get a customer response time guarantee, closer follow-up, regular meetings and a more predictable price for the services.

RadøyGruppen chose Axdata and Dynamics 365

RadøyGruppen felt that they were growing out of their ERP system, and felt a need for a business solution that better supported the processes and helped position the company for future growth.
Axdata er leverandør av Microsoft Dynamics 365 Manufacturing

Microsoft Dynamics 365

In a market that is growing tougher, with increased competition and high demands for efficiency and accurate data, it is crucial to have a business system that handles challenges and can follow market developments. Microsoft Dynamics 365 combines ERP, CRM and BI solutions into one cloud solution, simplifying and improving your processes.

Cloud based business solutions

Many engineering companies find themselves barred from acquiring or upgrading business systems due to high investment costs and heavy implementation processes. Cloud based business solutions have changed the perspective of business operations and costs associated with investing in a new business system. Operating a business system on a cloud platform allows for a scalable solution where you only pay for the capacity actually used, lower investment cost and a shorter deployment process.

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