Functionality that supports all business processes

Lista Treindustri

It was critical for Lista Treindustri to have a business solution that was functional and supported all of their business processes.

Functionality that supports all business processes

Lista Treindustri has been supplying garage doors since 1964. The majority of deliveries to Lista Treindustri are now based on modern steel doors, with less production of traditional wooden doors. This means that the production processes now include assembly and packaging, thus requiring a business solution that can easily handle the flow of goods in the company while also taking good care of bills.

We felt that NAV had too little flexibility and support for our processes here, among other things. Furthermore, we felt that the supplier of NAV did not understand us as a company and thus did not deliver as expected, according to Odd Rudlande, CEO of Lista Treindustri.

We previously had an older version of Microsoft Dynamics AX, but due to our size it was recommended to switch to the smaller ERP system Dynamics NAV. This could have been the right business solution for us had it not been for the fact that even small companies need broad functionality that supports all business processes, says Odd Rudlande.


“Functionality that supports all business processes was absolutely critical for us, and we saw no other solution than to return to Axdata, with whom we had worked since the 1990s.”


– Odd Rudlende, CEO of Lista Treindustri

Grateful for the trust

We are extremely proud that previous customers have chosen to return to us after experimenting with other systems and partners. It actually happened several times in 2014 alone, and we take it as a one-time declaration of trust, says Axdata CEO Trond Johansson.

Norway stands out

Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 is a feature-rich solution that also caters to Enterprise-level businesses. This should imply that small businesses will seek smaller and simpler solutions.

On the other hand, we see that companies in manufacturing and engineering are facing complex challenges that will be difficult to address in smaller systems.

Norwegian companies frequently distinguish themselves from others due to our high-tech expertise in engineering and production. This means that we can compete on foreign cost levels for small-scale production with high requirements, such as quality processes and documentation, according to Trond Johansson.

“It’s critical that customers like Lista Treindustri work with a partner who understands their processes and is early in adopting cost-effective implementation methods.”


– Trond Johansson, CEO of Axdata

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