"World record" in the selection and implementation of ERP

Aker Horizons

It was critical for Aker Horizons to find a scalable ERP solution that met technical, functional, and security requirements. It was also critical to select a partner with industry knowledge. Axdata and Microsoft were chosen, and together they set a “world record” in ERP selection and implementation!

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Aker Horizons has implemented and begun operations with Microsoft’s ERP solution Dynamics 365 Finance & Supply Chain Management Project Operations, thanks to a successful collaboration between Axdata and Microsoft. In just over two months, they accomplished this for their two newly established and publicly traded companies. This is one of the most quickly completed projects of such a complex nature in which any of the parties has been involved.

About Aker Horizons

Aker Horizons has an active ownership in companies involved in renewable energy and carbon capture solutions. They also have industrial ambitions in areas like hydrogen and other green technologies. The ambition of Aker Horizons is to be a driving force in decarbonization through companies that develop and deliver industrial solutions. They place a strong emphasis on lowering emissions while also adding value. The goal is to create a long-term value creation platform where Aker Horizons can benefit from technologies, industrial expertise, and software developed by Aker-owned companies.

High level of competence

The mapping of different partners’ competence levels and industry knowledge was the first step in this process. Axdata stood out early on as a partner with deep and relevant expertise. Furthermore, a project methodology that would be the most effective implementation method to ensure progress and quality was demonstrated. The implementation process began immediately after Aker Horizons and Axdata agreed to collaborate on October 26, 2020.


“Through the process, Axdata and Microsoft contributed expertise and insight into which functions meet our needs now and in the future.” We are delighted that this ambitious project was completed on time »
– Petter Nats, Group Chief Controller at Aker Horizons.

A collaborative environment

Aker Horizons companies Aker Carbon Capture and Aker Offshore Wind went live with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance thanks to great willingness to change, good collaboration skills, a clear scope from Aker Horizons, as well as a preconfigured setup for Dynamics 365 with a well-established methodology and a lot of expertise at Axdata. The project went live 1.12.2020, only a little more than two months after the attempt to acquire a new ERP solution began! This must be the  textbook example of successful ERP implementation, in our humble opinion.

“We don’t know if it’s a world record, but there’s no doubt that this was an intense and efficient process. Aker Horizons had a clear goal for the project, and they consistently demonstrated a strong commitment and willingness to trust our recommendations, and that our expertise was in their best interests. This, combined with a focus on finding solutions rather than problems, meant that there was little time-wasting friction in the project.”
-Eivind Tengs, Axdata project manager

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