With a desire for efficient data flow and solid business processes

OSO Hotwater has invested significantly with resources in automation of production and identified on the business applications has great potential for improvement in order to contribute to the business being as optimal as possible. After a thorough process, they decided to implement Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance & Supply Chain Management with Axdata as a partner.

With many manual operations in the business processes, they experienced that there was great potential for improvement both in relation to data capture, data flow and reporting for areas such as intercompany, engineering, production, purchasing, finance, sales, service and maintenance. An increasingly automated production, faster changes in the market and shorter time to restructure production to adapt to changing market needs, meant that they saw the need for a faster and more secure data capture and automated data flow with better reporting options. In addition, OSO Hotwater had a desire for a one-way corporate model with fully automated intra-group transactions across national borders. This led them to start the project of acquiring a new ERP solution.

“For us, the choice of Axdata as a partner for the implementation of Microsoft was a natural choice. They are very professional, with good experience from industry, and are the partner with the best understanding of our business »- Roy Magnussen, CEO, OSO Hotwater Group AS

Om Oso Hotwater

OSO Hotwater Group is a family-owned Norwegian industrial group with production in Norway and Sweden. For over 40 years, OSO Hotwater has counteracted one of the world’s highest cost levels with continuous automation and has one of the Nordic region’s most robotic companies. OSO Hotwater designs its own processes and ensures 100% ownership of the technology they use. Own development, production, and programming of advanced production equipment with robot, laser and vision systems. Lean / Six Sigma philosophy and standardized process picture ensure that they have efficiency in production. OSO Hotwater has been a clear market leader in Norway for the past 85 years thanks to continuous innovation and faithful trust from the plumbing industry. The products supply hot water to approx. 2/3 of all households in the country, with unique life cycle economy. They also supply boilers to many of the best-known heat manufacturers in Europe. In addition, they export their products with a focus on Europe, Asia and North America, in addition to the shipping / offshore market. Sales of OSO boilers to export markets account for approximately 50% of sales.

Once OSO Hotwater had identified the potential for improvement in the business applications, the process began to ensure that they received the best solution that met the company’s needs, as well as being delivered by the best partner. They defined what needs an ERP solution should cover today and in the future, before in-depth mapping which solutions were relevant in the market. With a high degree of automation and process control, it was important to find a solution and a partner that took care of the company in an optimal way, and that it was a solution that was future-oriented, flexible and solid. After considering several different options, the choice eventually fell on Microsoft Dynamics 365.

OSO Hotwater ERP assessments concluded that this was a solution that best meet their needs in relation to automated business processes, flexibility and solidity in addition to user-friendliness. After evaluating several partners against each other, two potential partners were “shortlisted”. Through a thorough assessment and review with the two partners, OSO Hotwater found that Axdata was the partner with the best industry knowledge and the ability to understand the company’s needs. Not least, Axdata was able to deliver its in-house developed group model for intercompany transactions as well as industry solutions for production that complement Dynamics 365 in the best possible way.

«OSO Hotwater is a forward-thinking and innovative company and we at Microsoft Norway are very pleased that Dynamics 365 is the alternative that meets their needs when they need to replace their ERP solution. In collaboration with Axdata, we are confident that this will be a good and scalable solution for OSO Hotwater ” – Henrik Jacobs, Solutions Advisor Dynamics 365 in Microsoft Norway.

OSO Hotwater has chosen the solution Dynamics 365 Finance and Supply Chain Mangement with integrations and dual write to EDI, Exflow / Readsoft and Vault. To ensure that they get the optimal solution that covers the need for their business, they have also chosen solutions developed by Axdata; Axdata Currency Import, Axdata Engineering, Axdata foundation and toolbox, Axdata General Ledger Import against Hult & Lillevik and Axdata shipment booking against Consignor. In this project, the goal is for OSO Hotwater to be able to utilize its ERP solution in the best possible way, in addition to let the users gaining a high level of knowledge about the solution, understanding of the various processes and how these affect the solution and the effect this has on the business. In this way, they will get an ERP solution that gives them control, as efficient reporting as practically possible, correct data and they have a solution that supports a future-oriented production and market situation.

«OSO Hotwater is an exciting company with a well-known brand name for many, and we at Axdata are proud that we have had the opportunity to collaborate with OSO Hotwater to modernize and streamline business processes across companies and countries in the group. In addition to being able to take part in these improvement processes OSO Hotwater has started, we also believe that we have a lot to contribute when it comes to good advice on the road around business processes and technology.


Axdata has over several years made major investments in Dynamics 365, and today has, among other things, preconfigured solutions for the industries we focus on. This in combination with skilled employees in Axdata and OSO Hotwater’s attitude to the project makes us confident that we will be able to deliver on OSO Hotwater’s ambitions. We look forward to the continuation of the collaboration with such a proactive company »- Heidi Sørlie Wester, Process Architect, Axdata.

With this project completed, OSO Hotwater will have a modern ERP solution that is operated in the cloud and can easily be scaled in relation to the company’s development, while all data is secured with the highest possible level of security. In addition, OSO Hotwater will be better equipped for growth by removing complexity and giving the company scalability throughout the value chain. In the future, the parties will collaborate continuously to find ways in which the solution can be optimized for OSO Hotwater to have the best possible business operations.

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