A desire for a future-oriented solution

In addition to a need for a business solution that supports both current and future operations, it was also important for RadøyGruppen to choose a partner with strong expertise in their industry. RadøyGruppen chose Axdata to replace its ERP system with the Microsoft Dynamics 365 business solution.

Focus on solving challenges and creating value

RadøyGruppen, an engineering firm, provides pumping stations and custom-made steel structures to the maritime and oil and gas industries, meeting extremely strict quality and documentation requirements. RadøyGruppen is a flexible and solid manufacturer of subsea production systems with a factory north of Bergen. There, submarine production systems are developed, manufactured and tested for various customers from all over the world, such as Equinor, Shell, Total and Chevron.

For RadøyGruppen, key values are quality and flexibility, while at the same time constantly working for optimal efficiency and development. The company has 150 employees who constantly work to create value and solve challenges for their customers.


A need for a business solution that supports current processes

The company discovered that they had outgrown their ERP system and saw a need for a business solution that would assist in digitizing and supporting all business processes, as well as positioning them for future growth. Axdata was chosen as a partner for the implementation of the business solution Microsoft Dynamics 365 after a lengthy process in which several partners were considered. Furthermore, Radygruppen selected the industry solution Axdata Engineering to obtain a solution that ensures greater control over the products after they have been manufactured and delivered. After the solution is operational, Axdata will also help the Rdy group gain increased digitization and value creation.

“Although there were several other partners who had good expertise, we chose Axdata because we believe they have the best expertise in terms of the business solution and our industry”


– CEO of RadøyGruppen, Lasse Ståløy

A safe and complete solution from a competent partner

Axdata was chosen on the basis of being a partner who understands RadøyGruppen’s business needs, and who has extensive experience in implementing the best solution for its customers.

RadyGruppen has chosen a solution that can grow with the company and create new opportunities. They are in the process of implementing Dynamics 365, with the goal of utilizing the solution’s standard functionality while continuously updating the solution and maintaining it efficiently. RadøyGruppen gains a flexible solution that operates in the cloud and is protected with the highest level of security.

The way the company markets and sells is changing, which is why they have also chosen to include the Dynamics 365 app Sales for better support and documentation in the dialogue with the market and potential customers. This will enable them to have a leading business system that can grow in step with the company and ensure that RadøyGruppen has control over all data, from prospect to cash and can make tactical and strategic decisions based on better management information.

Anders Dalseide, project manager at Axdata, believes this is a very exciting project for both RadøyGruppen and Axdata. «Given the complexity of RadøyGruppen’s products, it is critical that we focus on being extremely careful and listening to the customer in this project so that the process runs as smoothly as possible. “However, with the positive attitude we’ve encountered at RadøyGruppen, where they’re willing to change and well prepared, I’m confident that this will be a successful project.”

“This will be a big boost for RadøyGruppen, which is why we have called the project” 7 miles “. We are really looking forward to a new digital everyday life with a flexible business system that ensures that we have the right data at the right time”


– CEO of RadøyGruppen, Lasse Ståløy

The project methodology

The “7 miles” project is carried out using the Conference Room Piloting (CRP) methodology. This means that RadøyGruppen was involved in working together on the standard solution from the first workshop. As a result, the project began immediately setting up and testing processes.

Before the business processes are process tested together, the focus of the various workshops is on the individual process areas in the company to look for potential for improvement. As a result, RadøyGruppen gains a solid understanding of the solution, reducing the need for training prior to commissioning.

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