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A desire to accelerate digitalization

Telenor Global Services identified the need for a new cloud-based ERP solution as part of its ongoing simplification efforts. In this way, the transformation potential could be realized, and the company could reap a variety of benefits. Automation would save time, improve data quality, reduce human error, increase transparency, and enable new ways of collaborating across divisions.

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About Telenor Global Services

Telenor Global Services is the Telenor Group’s international communications provider, connecting countries and providing customers all over the world with high-quality global connections. They provide high-quality interconnection solutions in voice, roaming, messaging, and connectivity services, allowing you to connect to the rest of the world no matter where you are. Telenor Group connects its 182 million customers to what is most important to them. Telenor has been connecting the world for more than 160 years and currently operates in Scandinavia and Asia. They are committed to responsible business management and are motivated by the desire to engage in active social responsibility.

The process

Following a process in which TGS considered several alternatives, Axdata and the solution Microsoft Dynamics 365 operating in Azure clearly stood out as the best alternative to fulfill the transformation potential. This was due to the combination of knowledge, desired functionality, and flexibility – both in terms of applications and implementation expertise.


“It was critical for us to select a partner who shared our perspectives on value creation while also having solid expertise and experience with implementation and support,” says Per Lorentsen, CTO of Telenor Global Services. “Axdata provided the most valuable insight into identifying new opportunities and streamlining business processes for our future requirements.”

The project implementaiton

The project was defined and implemented in two stages. This resulted in a more realistic level of ambition, the ability to make more thorough priorities, and a much faster cycle of adjustments for the project. Phase 1 focused on the implementation of finance and business-critical functions, while other Microsoft Dynamics apps and additional Axdata solutions required for TGS’s future needs were considered concurrently. These were then prepared for phase 2 implementation. TGS prioritized the time required and provided the appropriate resources in the workshops throughout the project’s duration. This, combined with Axdata’s seamless workflow and clear scope, ensured that the project was a success and that TGS had a modern ERP solution operational according to the project plan.


“Telenor Global Services is a knowledge-based organization.” They recognized the importance of reserving enough time for use in the project so that the project could benefit from our expertise in areas outside of TGS’s core competencies. This, combined with a clear scope and a shared desire to succeed, enabled us to achieve our goal. “Within the agreed-upon time, quality, and cost.” – Eivind Tengs, Axdata Project Manager. 


To ensure that TGS users could quickly get started with the solution once it was operational, training began early in the project, and a good time for Axdata start-up assistance was agreed upon. This ensured that the solution was quickly and effectively implemented.

“We are very pleased with the new solution. D365 has aided us in increasing efficiency by streamlining payment processing and removing the need for manual intervention. Not only has this increased user productivity, but it has also eliminated the possibility of inaccurate computing. Controls built into the system design instill confidence in operational staff as well as managers, allowing them to avoid situations that could result in an unfavorable financial exposure. We are also pleased with the D365’s user-friendly interface and expert support team, who are competent, friendly, and extremely helpful in assisting you with any problems that may arise during the operation.”


– Maria Knap, Chief Financial Officer at Telenor Global Services

Solution operation

Telenor Global Services has a solution that is run in Azure, which eliminates the need for server and other equipment maintenance. This saves the company a lot of money while also providing the highest level of security possible. After the project is launched, both partners are constantly looking for ways to improve the solution to ensure even more efficient and secure processes.

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